Common AC Repairs You May Need – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

Make adjustments to the AC unit.

Clean Flame Sensor:
The problem of a dirty flame sensor is one of the main difficulties that could arise while making use of a Trane AC system. The sensor is able to tell if there’s a flame, that is present and switches off gas supply to the unit in case it isn’t.

Motor with bad blower:
The motor that blows air is responsible to circulate air throughout the unit. It is possible for the motor to fail, and the unit won’t be able continue to circulate air.

Cleanse your air filter
Air filters are responsible for the trapping of dust and other contaminants inside the air and keeping them out of the unit. When the filter gets dirty, it can hinder airflow, causing the unit’s shut-down.

Motor for the Bad Inductor
The inductor motor is accountable in starting the unit. The unit won’t start if the motor has been damaged.

Poor Control Board
Each function of the unit are controlled by the board. It won’t work properly in the event that the control board is down. tekj91wxk4.