Curious How Bail Bonds Work? Heres How – Wired Parish Legal Newsletter

If y is the answer the person can request bail. Bail is simply money that the court to ensure that the defendant will show up on the court date.

In some cases, bail sums can be quite high, making it is difficult for the individual or family members to find the money. Bail bonds can be the answer. This video is helpful and does a great job of explaining the process of bail bonds in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Bail bonds are a kind of loan used to fund bail expenses. A bail bond provider can help defendants that are not able to pay the amount of bail. A bail bond company can bail the person out and then charge a charge which is non-refundable. The fee is typically around 10% of bail.

If the defendant does show in court, bail money is returned to the bail bonds company. A judge can also issue an arrest warrant for the defendant if they do not show up. If this happens the bail bond companies attempt to find the suspect and transport their case to the court. qiks9uzyny.