Facts About Braces – Health and Fitness Tips

urt. If braces are fitted for the first time in the beginning, patients are likely to be a bit uncomfortable. It is possible to ease discomfort by eating soft foods, and then rinse your mouth with saltwater.
Do My Braces Have To Be Re-Adjusted?

The braces need to be checked and adjusted regularly. The orthodontist will also be able to examine your teeth and ensure that your braces function as you would expect.

What is the best way to keep your teeth clean while wearing braces?

Brushing regularly and flossing your teeth is essential. Take care to brush around braces. If flossing by hand is too hard, you could try an water flosser. You use water to get things moving between your teeth.

What time frame do I need to wear my braces?

The amount of adjustments that made to your teeth will decide how long the braces should be worn.

What food items should I stay clear of when wearing braces?

Avoid chewy candy and gum. Avoid bagsels, jerky and popcorn.

To learn more about braces as well as what to expect from braces see the linked video.