How Bone Grafting Works – Dentist Dentists

The bone graft is removed by taking out any tissue that is damaged or infected.
There are many kinds of bone material

The procedure can employ a variety of bone types, such as bone obtained from patients or from cadaver as well as synthetic bone. The specific requirements of each patient will decide the form of bone transplant that is used.

The Placement Process and Healing

Once the graft’s material has been placed in the area that is prepared, the surgeon will close the cut and let the graft tissue to heal many months. The body will begin developing new bone cells throughout this period, and eventually, it will integrate with the material transplanted.

Bone grafting can be a safe, effective and efficient way to rebuild the jawbone. It also creates the solid foundation required for dental implant support. Although the process of healing may take a long time, it results in more robust, healthier jaw which will support and increase the performance of dental implants.