How Does a Plumber Unclog a Toilet? – Home Improvement Videos

bers. This makes it easier to remove clogs or other obstructions from the pipes.
Use a chemical drain cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners are an alternative option for unclogging a toilet. They come in two different forms. One is specifically designed for horizontal surfaces while the other is designed to wash the inside of the bowl. They both work by dissolving the solid particles that have formed over time. Your plumber is going to pour one of these into the clogged toilet. The toilet may not show any bubbles initially.

In time it becomes more apparent that bubbles grow until there are hundreds. You will eventually see that they originate from the interior of the toilet bowl rather from the outside, where the plumber pours out the drain cleaner. The drain cleaner dissolves the buildup that has formed in the toilet bowl. The drain cleaner releases millions of microscopic bubbles. The drain and the air cleaner are separated into two layers inside in the bathroom. This is the top layer that contains gas, and could create a dangerous explosion.

It’s not safe to flush your toilet using water bubbles. It is recommended to contact the emergency plumber promptly. A little-known fact on the method used by plumbers to unblock the toilet is that plumbing professionals may employ chemical drain cleaning products for quick clearing. They remove blockages from pipes, allowing they to flow normally. These products can be found at any hardware shop or an expert service for installation of water heaters.

A chemical drain cleaner consists consisting of sodium hydroxide (lye) that helps to break down clogs. It’s able to dissolve various clogs, from toilet paper residue to grease and tree roots. The first thing the plumber has to mix is the chemical with one bucket of water. The professional usually requires an equal amount of water. That said, some products will require more water according to their power. Plumbing repair specialists apply the chemical to the toile