How to Dive Off of Swimming Pool Starting Blocks – 610 Sports Radio

rting block determines the likelihood that you’ll lose or win a competition. Swimmers who are pros will start their races in the correct way to generate massive velocity that they employ throughout the race. Learn these tips and view this instructional video to learn how the best swimmers leap into swimming pool blocks.
Step 1: Get on the block that you are starting on and ensure you are solid before you begin.
Step 2: Place your larger foot forward on the block with your face straight ahead. Make sure that the distance between your feet is around the shoulder width.
Step 3. Curl your powerful toe of your foot over the edge of the beginning block. This will enable you to push your body away from the block as hard as you can with the greatest force.
Step 4: Climb down , making sure your head is down and your chin rests on your chest directly between your knees.
Step 5: When the trigger has been triggered move your toes to curl and give your body an effortful push while simultaneously extending your arms straight line.
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