How to Fix a Leaky Shingle – Best Self-Service Movers

No one likes leaking roofing. This could cause water to pool inside your home. There is a possibility that the mold may grow as time passes. This video will explain how to fix a leaky roof.

First, you’ll need take a ladder and climb your roof. Make sure that your ladder must be sturdy and secure. Do not climb onto the top of the ladder. As you climb up the roof look for visible issues with the roofing shingles. As an example, you might observe that one shingle has lost. In order to fix it, you need to gently beat the other shingles in order in order to make them looser. Then, you’ll need to pull out the staples holding the shingle. Then, you can remove the old shingle before replacing it with the new one. For securing the shingles their proper place, hit nails with a hammer into the tar and staple them to it. In order to fix broken shingles you could be tempted to apply roofing cement. It is possible to repeat this procedure with any other missing or loose shingles. The leak will be repaired in a short time!