How to Make Pet Safe Weed Killer

humans. The dried corn gluten that is derived from milling can be used to create it. The gluten is made into powder form and then sold as a weedkiller.

What’s the process of making it:

The Corn Gluten Meal works by stopping the seeds of weeds from growing. This stops the weed from growing and encroaching on your yard. Corn gluten meal performs best when it’s applied early in the spring, before all weeds have the chance to grow. This weed killer acts to stop germination and therefore is not effective against the weeds already in existence.

Corn gluten meal can also assist in your landscaping goals as it will provide some fertilizer to your soil. It is beneficial especially for lawns which is beginning to appear unhealthy and yellow.

But, it’s important to remember that the corn gluten meal may create allergies for certain animals. If you have a pet prone to allergies, you should avoid using this herbicide.

How It’s Made:

Corn gluten meals can be purchased at any gardening store or through the internet. Add corn gluten meal into the soil, and then sprinkle it with water. Corn gluten meal should be applied prior to planting your garden. It takes time for it to be absorbed into the soil.

Additionally, it can be utilized to supplement the routine of tree maintenance as it’s a great way to maintain the root of your trees healthy. Simply add one pound of corn gluten meal per inch of diameter of the trunk at the base of your tree.

5. Clove Oil

Many people overlook the possibilities of making pet-safe weed killers. Clove oil is an effective solution to get rid of plants. Clove oil is an organic herbicide that is derived from the cloves in the clove plant. It’s got a very fragrant and sweet scent that people love. It is due to the chemical Eugenol found in cloves. Eugenol also gives clove oil the anti-weed qualities.

How it’s made:

Begin by heating 1 cup of water until it reaches