How to Operate a Drive Over Grain Conveyor – Car Talk Podcast

It is an ideal cropping tool to help users save time and money while optimizing your graining operation. If you want to make your job easier but still keep the productivity high, then a Drive over grain conveyor is just what is needed.

For this video, we’ll show and demonstrate how to operate an over-grain conveyor drive.

Optimize material containment

A better material-contained product is a better product, and as a farmer, you have to optimize your product when you wish to improve the profits you make. A grain conveyor with a drive-over is an excellent way to cut down on your time while ensuring that you’re using the right equipment.

Hydraulic controls

The benefits of drive-over grain conveyors is their hydraulic control. They are simple to use and provide better positioning for your material. The hydraulic controls on an over-grain conveyor with a drive make them ideal for quality controls.

Drive-over grain conveyors are essential for speeding down the graining process as well as improving your efficiency. For more details on graining equipment, please watch our short video. f4ue16ougt.