Is Tile Roofing The Best Roofing? – Home Town Colorado

The United States is home to asphalt shingle roofing. Since they are affordable, it’s logical. However, could tile roofing prove as a superior choice? This video will go over tile roofing, and the ways it could beat metal and shingles.

Shingle roofs can be expensive however tile roofs provide higher worth. Since tile roofs typically possess better quality in terms of materials, they’re much more affordable. They can, for instance, last significantly longer than shingle roofs. Tile roofs are more efficient in absorbing heat better than shingle roofs. This means that the tile roof could end up saving you the cost of your electricity over time because the air conditioner will not have to work as often. Based on some estimations the tiles are around 8% more energy efficient than roofing made of metal. The roof is likely to emit 8% less heat each year. That’s a significant amount of savings in heating considering the size of your roof’s size is and the amount of surface it has to absorb energy from the ultraviolet light. This is but one reason to think about roofing with tiles.