Should You Consider Spark Aligners? – Clear Aligners For Teens

Your teeth. The initial step to making and installing your dental crowns is taking a digital scan. It takes computer pictures of your teeth. The scans processed digitally are stored using a computer lab to create a 3D digital model. Cosmetic dentists works with you to create a treatment plan. This will involve prescribing necessary tooth movements and designing attachments that can achieve these motions, creating a computer animation in which teeth are effectively straightened in phases, as well as designing a model for every step of the process.

The aligners themselves were designed by analyzing the designs that correspond to each stage of the motion. The attachments will be placed onto your teeth during your first appointment. Attachments are created with computer-generated designs. The tooth-colored adhesive employed to fill in gaps. The procedure is to use small attachments with a low profile are used to attach the teeth. They must be worn by both sets of attachments for at least 22 hours a day. The information you’ve gathered is all details you require to make a decision on whether you should have spark aligners set up.