Showcasing a DAF Dissolved Air Flotation System – Cityers

ed creates bubbles that create a rise in the dirt. This video shows the DAF dissolved air flotation process. DAF can be found in water treatment plants for the removal of particles. The same is true for paper mills, oil refineries, seafood industries, petrochemical industries, the chemical-mechanical polishing industries, etc.

The process is performed in a tank that contains the coagulant like aluminum sulfate. The purpose of the coagulant’s job is to permit particles to join in big clusters, which makes it easier to remove. The water is pumped into a vessel using pressure, then it is saturated. The result is tiny bubbles that hold grease, oil, and solids. Bubbles develop upon top of suspended particles. Skimmers then skim the bubbles. Clean water flows beneath through a launder.

DAF is extremely useful across a variety of industries, making the water recyclable. DAF is particularly beneficial because of its tiny footprint and high effectiveness. It also produces clean, quality water.

The DAF technology has been proven to be a procedure that has proven effective in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. It is specifically targeted at fats, oils, and other suspended solids to assist in producing high-quality and sustainable water.