Tips on How You Can Wrap Your Extension Cords – Teng Home

Chris gives great advice regarding how to make sure you don’t face any issues each time you decide to make use of extensions cords. In order to avoid having to contend with knots, Chris gives you a step-by-step guide on how you can tie extension cords up after you’re finished. He knows the struggles every person has, therefore, here are three varieties of ways to tie your extension cords in:

The wrap for the elbow is one that most of us have heard about. Just wrap the cord around your wrist and elbow. Once you’ve completed this make sure you wrap the additional cord over the body , and then plug the connectors together. Although braid wrapping looks as that it is making more knots than it does but it’s not the case. Take a look at the video below and discover the method Chris braids his extension cord by braiding it. The last option, called “over under” and it is very easy. This could be the best option to consider to wrap extension cords. Go through the whole video to learn more suggestions and techniques on how you will wrap your extension cables with ease, so you won’t have any more irritations.