Ultimate Guide to Implicit Bias – Write Brave

At home or in the office? It is commonplace to have a lot of socializing in the workplace. In this, biases occur. This can be damaging to many , in particular when they cause people being left out, or bosses having their favorites. In this clip an expert will go through the concept of implicit bias and explain why it is so important.

Implicit bias happens without you being aware of it. It has both beneficial and negative effects on the individual as well as on your job. Over the course of your lifetime you’ve been influenced by the implicit bias. You receive your information from the media and historical events. The media and scrolling all day long. Education. They can all create an implicit bias for many people without them even aware of it.

This video will describe implicit biases in depth and aid you in understanding what it is that influences your daily day-to-day life. There is no matter what bias you are experiencing It is crucial to be aware of that it is there.