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ntaminants. To better understand the effects on the environment caused by these chemicals the environment, a bioaccumulation test has to be done. The majority of tests for ecotoxicology are currently taking into account bioconcentration.

Algae, mussels and various fish species are utilized to test the effectiveness of various organisms. After equilibrium is established, bioconcentration factor are calculated. Bioconcentration factors can be estimated as the proportion between elimination and absorption rates if it’s not possible in an appropriate amount of time. The test is conducted on static aquatic organisms without liquid. The solution is never changed.

A measure of bioconcentration can be described as the drop in chemical concentration within the solution. If the test has been finished, fish are evaluated. For a flow-through testing, the test substance is transferred together with the water that is used to refresh the test medium in the chambers for testing. Closures that contain specific chemical content can be utilized in field studies to calculate bioconcentration rates. Chemical mean concentrations in biological samples from free-living organisms is divided in proportion to the concentration of chemical means found in water.