What is a Hair Transplant? – Family Issues


Human body and the majority of individuals can devote up to 18 months taking care of their hair. The hair follicles can do amazing job in repeating the cycles of hair growth and hair loss. In some cases, the process can be interrupted because of various causes. Hair transplants can be a beneficial solution to the issue of hair loss.

The video today will discuss the history of hair transplants, which were first introduced in the 1950s and how science has expanded by leaps and bounds since when the first hair-restoration attempts. Today’s hair transplant candidates no are required to think about that painfully obvious “plug” style that used to be the defining sign of the procedure. Nowadays, hair transplants are precisely executed and delicately performed to smoothly blend transplanted follicules. Thanks to science the natural appearance of hair transplants isn’t simply a wish and a fantasy; it’s now a reality.

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