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th helping out biological reactions. The dog requires protein to remain healthy. Are are you aware of the top kind of dog protein with allergies? It’s more than taking a bite. For the right balance, it is essential to understand what you need to give your pet.

The puppy must be fed with a minimum 18-29 protein intake, depending on his age. Adult dogs require between 18 and 25 percent protein, while the growing puppy will require an average of 29.9% protein. Some examples of protein-rich foods you can offer your dog are:

Beef Duck Chicken , Lamb/Mutton Turkey Rabbit Fish Venison

If your dog is allergic The following proteins will have less chance of creating allergic reactions.

Duck Elk Bison Pork

They can be different to dogs. You have to decide what to give your dog. There is a possibility that you can observe the effects of different proteins over a certain amount of time , by experimenting with each for a week. If your dog’s overweight, turkey, rabbit, or elk can be given to the dog. They’re great to lose weight.