Your Handy Guide to Craft Organization – Computer Arts Magazine

All scrapbookers, papercrafters and leatherworkers all have one thing that they share that is the necessity to keep their workspaces organized. Even a clean space can quickly get messy and unorganized because of the numerous things and tools. It’s okay if you choose to ignore your craft mess up to the point of exhaustion. In this short video, we’ll discuss some helpful ideas that craftsmen are coming up with for storage for their tools and supplies.

One of the most useful equipment you can incorporate into your craft area is a mobile craft cart. With several levels for storing your supplies like tapes, vinyl and anything else you may require, a rolling cart is perfect for easy access as well as cleanup. Certain bins connect directly to the cart, allowing you to store small objects. Burlap cups are great for drawing. Because the water drips down into the burlap brush cups, they will stay perfect dry each time! Hooks are able to be added to your craft desk’s interior and make it much easier to use bulky items such as rulers and paper cutting boards.