A Look At What Makes Poor Workmanship From Siding Contractors – NC Pool Supply

Clients can deny complaints saying that workmanship is subjective, or that homeowners are too picky. Yet, there are basic indicators to bad work. Ken Robinson highlights a few in his YouTube video “Siding Contractor Poor Construction.”

In the case of poor quality caulk, bubbles can begin to form inside caulk beads which are not flat. There’ll be gaps in which moisture will seep into layers of insulation. A lack of craftsmanship can also be observed in aluminum trims, fascia on the roof and in broken window meters.

Additionally, when siding contractors work in an area of development which is experiencing a growth in construction and are often rushed to complete their jobs. However, this could lead to the neglect of small details that eventually affect the look and feel of their job. In particular, siding installers may not remember to clean siding after installation to remove caulk streaks, or to do touch-ups including cleaning away scratches from pencils or covering the chips within the siding.

Even though they appear to be small however, they’re important signs that the job you are working on isn’t poor. bxim7qvpng.