How a Catalytic Oxidizer Works – Car Talk Credits

An article on how they function.

This type of system is best employed in processes with lower levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Catalytic oxidizers can be capable of maintaining continuous steady-state operating conditions for almost indefinite times. The process air flows into the oxidizer chamber and is heated before it is passed through the catalyst. Once the air is heated to the correct catalyst activation temperature which varies depending on VOC and catalyst type, it enters the heat exchanging unit. The air goes into the heat exchanger to be preheated using the exhaust energy from the oxidizer prior to entering the oxidizer chamber.

Catalytic oxidizers are an excellent alternative to control air pollution when you need to treat very low VOC process streams. They are more cost-effective than other pollutants control techniques very reliable and possess very little impact on production processes. ioo4qb9til.