What is Thyroid Eye Disease? – Bright Healthcare


However, this disease is known to many in the medical field. While it is a rare condition, it’s important to be aware of symptoms and how to avoid these symptoms in different types of eye health care. The following video will provide a detailed examination of the thyroid eye disease and common treatments.

During thyroid eye disease, the progressive inflammation of muscles connective tissue, and fat in the area of the eye create eyesight problems as well as pain. This condition is present in an active phase for 6 months to 2 years old, which is associated with signs of inflammation swelling, and damage of the eyes. The inactive phase lasts longer, and progress is stopped however symptoms remain exactly the same. One of the most noticeable signs of thyroid eye illness are eyes that are inflamed and popping out of the socket. If you notice these signs observed in your eyes, make an appointment with a doctor right away to obtain the care for your eye it is necessary to control and manage the illness. Medications and care for underlying illnesses can aid in fighting thyroid eye diseases.