How to Maintain HVAC System – Shop Smart Magazine

This piece of equipment is hers. In order to keep the AC operating in top condition It must be maintained by a qualified technician. A qualified technician is trained to identify potential issues and make the required AC repair. Most HVAC providers offer periodic maintenance inspections as part of the service agreements they sign. Failure to perform these checks could result in more serious problems as well as costly repairs in the future. Professional technicians are more likely to find issues that you’ll fail to notice. Professionals’ tasks can perform in routine check-ups for maintenance include:
Cleaning and replacing filters. Lubricating moving components. Examining the coils. Monitoring for unusual sound. Monitoring thermostat functions.

Regular maintenance plays an important part in maintaining your HVAC system.

2. Make sure that you do not limit the flow of air to your HVAC system

Allow enough space around the HVAC system to ensure adequate airflow. Be sure to keep items, such as carpets, plants, or other furniture near the appliance as they’ll block airflow. This will cause the system to work harder than it’s intended to do, reducing efficiency and increasing your energy costs. The cause of overheating is the obstruction of airflow.

3. Keep the area clean around Your HVAC Unit

Another crucial tip to follow when trying to take care of your HVAC system is to make sure the area around your unit is free from particles. This ensures proper airflow and help avoid excessive heat. Ensure there are no branches, leaves, or other debris outside the device. Clean up the grass or dirt that has accumulated around the system. Every year, at least make sure you clean the exterior coil as well

4. Check filters on a regular basis

The maintenance of HVAC system health is easy using the basic but vital suggestion of changing your filters regularly.