What Are Collapsible Stretchers Used For? – Living History Worldwide

able to walk on their themselves. In this regard, the concept of stretcher that can fold down is an excellent idea, both for emergency service workers and wounded people. In what situations can collapsible stretchers be used?

Everywhere you go There are stretcheders that collapsibly fold. An injured person may be difficult to transport. Sometimes, emergency personnel cannot move them far due to their injuries. If an injured person is suffering from a bad injuries, moving them large distance can cause injuries more severe, which could cause death. Stretchers that collapse can prevent exactly this scenario.

Collapsible stretchers are often seen on the scene of accidents, where the person is severely injured, and paramedics want to prevent injuring the patient further. Sometimes, there are situations in which the patient can’t move far because of the size of their stretchers to make the work much easier for all.

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