The Most Dangerous Elevator in the World – Entertainment Videos

en. While elevators slowly came into the world, there were several different types of elevators that were used. Some of these elevators were exactly like the ones that we use today. Others looked quite a bit different. For instance, take for example the Paternoster elevator as an example. The elevator at Paternoster is possibly one of the most dangerous elevators on the planet. In this video you’ll find out more what you need to know about Paternoster lifts.

There are only a few Paternoster lifts remaining across the world. It’s also a blessing. The elevators are open shaft. They do not come with sliding doors which seal your body in. Although this may sound good it is not the only thing to be aware of. The Paternoster elevators never stop. That is right, to climb aboard the elevator, one is required to get on the elevator as it goes by. These elevators operate on a loop systemthat means that two elevators operate simultaneously. The elevators can take on more passengers. This, however, creates an unsafe situation. If you miss the elevator, what happens? The worst thing is to be stuck in between. You can see that there are plenty of reasons these lifts have ceased to be frequently employed.